Tasty Superset Snacks

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Workouts | 9 comments

The Warm Up (3-4 minutes):
5 inchworms
10 calf raises
20 jumping jacks
30 fast feet

The Workout (12-18 minutes):
Today’s workout is a full body home workout, made up of “Supersets.” Supersets are pairs of exercises that are done back-to-back before moving on to the next pair of exercises.

We will do each superset 3 times through, before moving on to the next superset. Take a 1-minute rest before moving on to a new superset. Ok, let’s do this!

Superset 1 – Lower Body
10 bulgarian split squats (modification: reverse lunges)
20 single leg glute bridges (pause 3″ at the top of each bridge)

Superset 2 – Upper Body
10 commandos
20 criss cross jumping jacks

Superset 3 – Core
10 lemon squeezers
20 sloooow mountain climbers (the slower these are the harder they will be!)

The Cool Down (2 minutes):
30″ each side thread the needle stretch
60″ legs up the wall


  1. Paola

    I completed today’s workout.

    I had a long stretch of little to no exercise. I’m hoping today marks the start of a 3+x/week exercise.

    • Keeley Tillotson

      Nice work Paola! Love the commitment to yourself. We’ll see you again in the comments soon 🙂

  2. Lissa Larson


  3. Haleigh

    Needed this today. Thanks so much!

  4. Laura

    Done! Boosted my mood by a lot! Also coming back from a few weeks of no exercise

    • Keeley Tillotson

      I love to hear that! It’s all about the day-to-day motivation – mood-boosting is a huge one for me. Welcome back 🙂

  5. Landry Tientcheu



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