Strict Movement Week Starter

by | May 31, 2021 | Workouts | 5 comments

The Warm Up (4 minutes):
30” fast feet
30” squat hold
30” high kicks
30” arm circles
Repeat one more time through

The Workout (8-16 minutes):
Today we’re practicing strict movement. These workouts are tricky – they are harder (and sweatier!) than they seem!

Complete 5 rounds of the following movements, not for time (NFT). Focus on quality over quantity. Prioritize form over speed. Going slower on these exercises is actually more difficult. Maintain strict form throughout.

10 Strict Slow Push-ups or Knee Push-ups
Do these with strict form by lowering slowly, and keeping your elbows tucked in, close to parallel with your torso. A strict push up is an upper body dynamo that works your entire core, plus your pectorals, triceps, and deltoids. Keeping the elbows tucked in helps prevent strain in the elbow joint. To add challenge, go slower and hover at the bottom.

10 Strict Slow Sit-ups
A strict sit-up is done slowly with a straight back, no curling. Lower slowly, with intention, rather than just flopping back, It can be helpful to put your feet under weights or a chair or have a partner stand on them. To make this harder, hold a weight to your chest.

10 Strict Slow Tricep Dips
Hands shoulder width apart.  Elbows tracking in toward your body. Train the full range of motion. Lower slowly (over 2 – 3”) and lift completely.

10 Slow Lunge and Twists
Lunge and the twist your torso toward your front, bent knee (while keeping your knees/legs facing forward). Step back with control. Your back knee can hover or you can add weight for added challenge.

Repeat for 5 rounds, resting as needed.

The Cool Down (4+ minutes):
Work through the following at your own pace:
chest stretch
thread the needle stretch
child’s pose


  1. Marina Zurkow

    Great workout – thank you! and yeah, it was hard. I got though 3 rounds, whole thing took 20 minutes, i was very strict and precise… <3

    • Keeley Tillotson

      Nice work! We like having workouts like this in our back pocket for when we want to challenge ourselves but don’t want to do a lot of jumping or fast movement. Way to go 🙂

  2. Landry Tientcheu


  3. Shaban Ayala Torres

    Ooof, Done!!


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