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Here’s a thing we believe:

By pursuing slowness, inefficiency, or even inaction, you can increase your odds of success and happiness in many key areas of life.

Be a slow buyer, and an even slower seller to maximize your long term wealth and spend more time focusing on what’s really important.

By replying slowly or not replying at all A) you get fewer emails and B) problems solve themselves, and old emails that you would have spent time replying to become irrelevant.

Often the best ideas come not from light bulb epiphanies, but from long, slow hunches that slowly develop (h/t to Where Good Ideas Come From)

No single workout makes you fit and healthy. A slow and steady commitment over multiple years is where you find true fitness.

Food tastes better if you go slowly and notice each bite. And it tastes even better if you slowly spent the time to prepare it yourself (bonus recipe we loved recently)

Even video games:
Earlier this year Deep Mind’s Alpha Star soundly defeated human players of StarCraft II, a game of infinite possibility and incomplete information that is more complicated than chess. Amazingly, Alpha Star performed fewer actions per minute than the human players. As with GO the AI developed new long-range strategies never before seen.

In the words of Sister Corita Kent, the artist behind the image above: “Go Slo!”


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