Energy Boosting EMOM

by | May 24, 2021 | Workouts | 6 comments

The Warm Up (5 minutes):
60″ or 50 reps of each of the below:
jumping jacks
fast feet
calf raises

The Workout (13 minutes):
Today, we’re doing a 13 minute upper-body focused EMOM. Each minute for 13 minutes, repeat the below and rest until the next minute begins. Give each round full energy and enjoy your recovery.

8 commandos
6 plank jacks with opposite arm reach
4 superhumans

If you want to challenge yourself further, try holding a forearm plank or a squat hold during your rest period.

If you aren’t getting enough rest to recover between rounds, extend each minute to 90″ (or as long as you need to get at least ~15″ of rest between rounds.)

The Cool Down (2 minutes):
60″ each side chest stretch


  1. Lissa Larson


  2. Shaban Ayala Torres

    Done, and damn was that one hard!!!! good stuff 🙂

  3. Landry Tientcheu



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