Glute Burner Leg Workout

The Warm Up (3-4 minutes): 20 high knee march 20 knee hugs 10 lizard crawls The Workout (15 minutes): Today, we’re doing an AMRAP* focused on getting a great core and leg workout. You'll definitely feel the burn in your glutes on this one! Use your plank to challenge...

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How to set yourself up for retirement by age 22

Here’s an idea: What if it were more standard for young adults to take a gap year after high school to work, gain real-world experience, and save a lot of money?

There are at least three reasons that this would be an extremely high-leverage decision:

(1) Your living expenses are never lower than when you are young and single, have cheap taste, and (possibly) live with your parents, or can at least live in a shared house with multiple roommates. That means you can save a lot of money.

(2) You will never have a longer time horizon to invest your money and let compound growth work its magic.

(3) A year of real-world experience after high school would allow young people to make more informed decisions about whether the college path (and the associated costs, etc) is right for them, or if they’d rather join the workforce, start their own business, travel, etc. If they do decide college is right for them, they would have more self-knowledge to help them decide where to go and what to study.

The question is, would that plan really make that big of a difference in people’s lives? Let’s find out.


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Values Aren’t Values Unless They Cost You Something

Another daily blog we read and enjoy – A Learning A Day – recently reminded us that “values aren’t values until they cost us money.”

It’s a great reminder and we would revise it to say: “Values aren’t values until they cost us something.”

“Costs” can show up in the form of our money, obviously. But also our time, our attention, our energy, our discomfort.

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32 Bits Of Unsolicited Advice

Writer, photographer, conservationist, traveler, futurist, technologist, and all-around interesting human Kevin Kelly recently turned 68 and wrote a blog post on his birthday titled “68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice.”

I loved his list, and since I turned 32 last week, I decided to write my own.

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The Practice Behind All Practices

 In meditation, it is common to think that if you get lost in thought, then you aren’t doing it right.

It is actually the reverse – noticing that you have been lost in thought is the practice.

Meditation is the act of becoming aware of distraction and then vividly aware of the next appearance in consciousness.

So all of those moments that seem like recognition of failure, are in fact, the practice.

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Stay in the Market

Stay in the Market

When it comes to the big things in life – health, fitness, money, family, work – it’s all about compound growth.

Compound growth is the magical power of the long-long run.

The first (and really only) rule of successful compound growth is simple:

Stay in the market.

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