Glute Burner Leg Workout

The Warm Up (3-4 minutes): 20 high knee march 20 knee hugs 10 lizard crawls The Workout (15 minutes): Today, we’re doing an AMRAP* focused on getting a great core and leg workout. You'll definitely feel the burn in your glutes on this one! Use your plank to challenge...

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Total Body Superset to Kick Off the Week

Today’s workout is a total body workout, made up of “Supersets.” Supersets are pairs of exercises that are done back-to-back before moving on to the next pair of exercises. We will do each superset 3 times through, before moving on to the next superset. Take 1-minute rest before moving on to a new Superset.

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Full Body Tabata Friday

Today we are doing a Tabata workout. Remember – you are working out in 20-second intervals, with rest in between. Work hard and focus on great form while you’re in each round. You got this!

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Keeley & Peter

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