The Workout Today Manifesto

Our manifesto is a list of the things we’re passionate about, the things that we strongly disagree with, and the things we promise to you, our community.

Our manifesto is a list of what we think matters.

It’s all about potential.

We believe every human being has great potential. Our mission is to help you tap that potential to be your best today – that will look different every day.

It feels good to feel good.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the long term health benefits of exercise, but the short term benefits are just as good, and often much more motivating than hoping for the scale to change or muscles to grow. Pay attention to how you feel during the day after you exercise: improved mood, energy levels and better sleep are all examples of great and immediate side effects of a good workout.

Sleep first. Exercise third.

Movement and focused training are small parts of feeling great – and not even the most important parts.

This is our Training Pyramid. Sleeping well and eating good food are way more important to your well being than your exercise routine. We’d never encourage you to set an early alarm in order to squeeze a workout in. (Here’s what we’d say: Get your sleep, and then instead swap your morning social media scroll for a quick, effective 5-20 minute workout.)

Consistency beats intensity.

It’s better to do a little bit of activity each day than to go all out a couple times a week. A lot of new goals start off with intensity, but consistency wins the day. Average pace is more important than current pace.

You know your body best.

Each workout we send is a guideline. We will often suggest modifications for those who want to scale up or down in difficulty. It’s not “cheating” to modify the workout. As long as you’re moving, you’re doing it right.

We learn as we go.

The best way to get started is to get started.

We start. Over and over again.

The perfectly kept resolution is a myth. New habits don’t ever go smoothly, progress is never linear, and we’ll always get off track. That’s OK. The practice is not to avoid failure – that is inevitable. The practice is to simply, non-judgmentally, start again.

Hi, we’re Peter & Keeley

Hi, we’re Peter & Keeley

On January 1st, 2018, we launched The Workout Today with a simple plan: Send out free emails containing bodyweight workouts that anyone can complete at home, without any equipment, in 29 minutes or less.

The problem with most online fitness programs is it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out what to do. By the time you’ve scrolled through various blogs or YouTube videos, it’s already been 15 minutes. We’d rather use those minutes to workout. We don’t enjoy spending more time on our phones and computers than we need to, so we built a fitness program that keeps it simple.

We also include a reflection, idea, or thought with our weekly Monday workout because it’s fun and our readers seem to really enjoy the little boost for the mind as well as the body.

The Workout Today is our labor of love. If you’re interested in supporting the work we do, the best way to do that is to  join the Today Club.

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