Hi, we’re Peter & Keeley.


On January 1st, 2018, we launched TheWorkout.Today with a simple plan: Send out a free daily email with a bodyweight workout that anyone can complete at home, without any equipment, in 29 minutes or less. (Plus, a daily thought, idea, or challenge.)

Where did this idea come from?

We love the feeling of moving our bodies every day. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are so clear, and yet it’s not always easy to make it happen.

We find that we prefer the simplicity of working out at home, skipping the time and expense of a gym or boutique fitness classes. But we found that it’s tough for us (and most people we know) to create a workout from scratch each day. The problem with most online fitness programs is it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out what to do.

By the time you've scrolled through various blogs or YouTube videos, it's already been 15 minutes -- we'd rather use those minutes to workout. We don't enjoy spending more time on our phones and computers than we need to, so we built a fitness program that keeps it simple.

We don’t believe there should be a premium on fitness, so we decided to make TheWorkout.Today completely free. We believe that fitness should be democratic, so we provide adaptations and use inclusive language that allows folks at different fitness levels to work out together and challenge themselves.

Finally, we include a daily message or thought with each workout because our mission is to help you be your best today — physically and mentally. Many subscribers tell us that they enjoy reading the messages every day, even if they don’t do the workouts as regularly. (And we’re sure there are some who scroll straight to the workouts - to each their own!)

When you join TheWorkout.Today, you join a distributed community of people all over the globe. We love the idea that we all open our inboxes each day to read the same thoughts and do the same workouts, each seeking to reach our personal daily potential. We encourage you to give TheWorkout.Today a try - we’d love to hear what you think!

Our vision is a world in which all humans have the energy and mindset they need to achieve their daily potential.

Our approach is informed by six guiding principles


1. Consistency beats intensity.

It's better to do a little bit of activity each day than to go all out a couple times a week. A lot of new goals start off with a lot of intensity, but consistency wins the day.

2. You know your body best.

Each workout we send is a guideline. We will often suggest modifications for those who want to scale up or down in difficulty. It’s not “cheating” to modify the workout - as long as you’re moving, you’re doing it right

3. We lean into the challenge.

When the going gets tough, just keep moving. Take breaks when you need one. If the workout feels challenging and you’re a bit sore the next day, that's a positive sign - it means your body is evolving.

4. It feels good to feel good.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the long term health benefits of exercise, but the short term benefits are just as good -- and often more motivating than waiting for the scale to change or muscles to grow. Pay attention to how you feel during the day after you exercise: improved mood, energy levels and better sleep are all examples of great and immediate side effects of a good workout.

5. We learn as we go.

The best way to get started is to get started. (This includes us - we will ask for your feedback as we go so we can adjust and get better. You can also reach us anytime by replying to any of our emails.)

6. We start. Over and over again

The perfectly kept resolution is a myth. New habits don’t ever go smoothly, progress is never linear, and we’ll always get off track. That’s OK. The practice is not to avoid failure - that is inevitable. The practice is to simply, non-judgmentally, start again.