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Our daily workouts are designed so you can do them anywhere, without any special equipment or expertise.

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Each email also includes a daily musing or dose of inspiration, designed to make you think.

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Opportunities to test yourself and get better - plus chances to win prizes in the process.


What do subscribers say about TheWorkout.Today?

I now have a daily routine of exercise that has transformed me physically, mentally, and spiritually. TWT has given me a healthy habit that will stay with me forever.
— Landry T.
Really enjoying these emails! 30 minutes and no equipment is ideal for my new working mom gig. I have been scrolling through YouTube for a video I like or doing the same one over and over. These emails are so much better, they make it so easy to turn on some tunes and get to it.
— Evelyn M.
I read and think about the messages everyday. I don’t do the physical work everyday: it doesn’t bother me. I am entertained and impressed and grateful for the missives.
— Dottie A.


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That's cool. TheWorkout.Today is definitely not for everyone.

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Some members of our community workout every day. Some only do one a week. And some never do the physical workout, and say they just enjoy reading our emails for inspiration.